• Our Approach With Coaches

  • NFP Sports is dedicated to running High Impact Fundraisers for Sports Teams™

    We understand that as a coach, you want to spend your time doing what you're good at, coaching and winning games! The problem is, in order to stay competitive and build a program, you need the right tools. These tools vary from uniforms, weight room equipment, camps, clinics, etc. Whatever tool your team needs to stay competitive, they all cost money. With school budgets tightening and costs increasing, having the right fundraising plan is essential.

    It's about The Program!

    Before we'll ever recommend a fundraising product, we talk to you about how our High Impact Program works. The Program is designed to generate $100-$200 PROFIT per athlete on your team. By following the Program, teams will reach their goals, no matter what product we run with them. The Program is broken down into three parts: Game Plan Meeting, Kick-Off Meeting, Blitz (Discount Products Only) or Delivery (Edible Products Only). Once The Program is scheduled and everyone understands the process, it's time to select a product. Most of our products are season or even team-specific. We understand which products are the best fit for our schools and teams. 

  • Engaging Merchants

  • NFP Sports creates various discount-based fundraising products for local schools and sports teams in need of money. We partner with local businesses that offer discounts on our products for no cost to them. Our goal is to get the leading businesses in the community to offer unique offers not found in other advertisements or coupon books that attract consumer's attention and help the students-athletes succeed in reaching the team goals. NFP Sports has Team VIP products, Category and Brand VIP discount products. 

    With our proven fundraising program, our schools and teams are assured to reach their financial goals, while bringing value to the consumers and businesses in the area. If a business wants to promote themselves and connect with the community, we offer a compelling opportunity to do that through various products and programs.

  • Coaching Student-Athletes

  • In addition to being a good athlete, there are other ways to help your team. One way is to give the best effort with your team's fundraiser. Aside from earning individual prizes, doing a great job with the team fundraiser is a way to contribute and help your team reach a goal. 

    Sales 101

    Your NFP Sports Fundraising Coach will give you a Sales 101 plan and some helpful tips to be successful with the fundraiser program. 

    Top Seller High Impact Prize Program

    The NFP Sports Prize Program will benefit you as an individual participant and also rewarded with hitting team goals. Top Sellers also receive a High Impact Performer certificate. 


    Many NFP Sports territories have a merit-based scholarship which rewards the Top Sellers of NFP Sports fundraising programs. 

  • Consumers Love Our Products

  • NFP Sports is committed to offering consumers products that are worthy of their investment. When a consumer chooses to support a local team's fundraiser, they should get something of value in return (we don't sell overpriced wrapping paper). Whether you're purchasing an edible or discount product, you should be happy with it. We put an extensive amount of effort into finding and developing our products. You are helping high school student-athletes reach their goals and teams getting the much needed support to run their program.